Top 10 Beautiful Nail art Design ideas for Cool Girls


Girls who want to look super cool would love to try some beautiful nail art design ideas-which I’m going to unlock here for your comfort and ease.

Beautiful Nail art
Beautiful Nail art

1.Purple Hologram star nail art via

Girls who want to shine like a star would also love to grab this nail design for their hands. You can get purple hologram star acrylic nails from your nearest cosmetic store, so get them and use them.

  1. Pink bow and heart design 

This seems to be an amazing nail art idea for every girl. It is simple and cute. You need to apply pink polish as the base and then you need to create a small little bow with white nail art marker. You can surely fix purple bow nail art accessories, if you don’t have necessary nail art tools. Next step is to make silver hearts and then draw an outline with black nail paint.

  1. Black and White Zebra nail art via

Animal print nail art designs are becoming very popular. More and more girls have turning toward it. Now you can easily create zebra pattern nail design. Apply white as the base and copycat zebra body pattern by using a nail art brush dipped into black nail paint.

4.Ice cream Choco Print Nail art via

Girls love ice cream and they would surely like to copy design of chocolate ice cream on their nails. Apply coffee nail paint and then use brown nail polish and create its crunchy ice cream marks on your nails.

  1. Pink purple crack nail art via

Apply pink nail paint and let it dry. Now you need to use purple cracker nail polish paint and apply it on pink polish. You would see cracked nail pattern design that looks fascinating.

  1. Glittery green and black stripes nail art via

Apply glittery green polish on the base and then you have to create enticing black stripes. You would look super amazing. This seems to one of the best perfect nail art design ideas for you.

  1. Yellow and brown Animal nail art via

Apply neon yellow nail paint and then you need to use brown nail polish for creating the beautiful animal print over it. Don’t forget to use top coat as it adds sparkling touch to your nails.

  1. Purple pink flower nail art design ideas via

Apply pink nail polish and then you need to use purple floral nail stickers over it. This seems to be an attractive nail design idea.

  1. Black Tribal nail design ideas via

Tribal tattoo designs are becoming popular day by day but you would love to try tribal nail design. For this purpose, apply grey-black nail polish on base. Pick a small nail art brush and create black tribal nail design on one side of your nail. This seems to be a bold nail design idea for you.

  1. Sparkling Black Galaxy nail design ideas via

Do you need an amazing nail design idea? I suggest you to go for this sparkling design. Apply black nail paint and let it dry. Now you need a multicolor transparent nail glittery polish  and drop a few drops of I in the water. Now dips your nails in this water for a few times and you would surprise to see a galaxy design on it. This seems to be really cool idea to try.