Short Hair Tutorial: Rolled Hair UPDO


Girls with short hair always search for the best hair tutorial, so I’m here with an easy to create rolled hair updo. You can make this hairstyle anytime by yourself. No need to get help from your friend or an expert. Only you have to understand complete process of this short hair tutorial. I’m sure once you get complete knowledge, you would love to try this hairstyle at home.

Rolled Hair UPDO
Rolled Hair UPDO

Things You’ll need

  • Hair comb
  • Headband
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair spray
  • Curling hair iron

Short Hair Tutorial: Rolled Hair Updo

Here are 7 steps that let you create an easy hairstyle for short hair at home.

Step No.1 First of all, you need to deal with your front hair bangs. It’s good to curl your side hair bangs a little with curling iron.

Step No.2 Wear a headband on top of your head.

Step No.3 Pick hair strands right behind your ear and then rolled it inside your headband.

Step No.4 Now you need to start covering your headbands by rolling hair and setting them inside your headband. For good hold and setting, you can use bobby pins.

Step No.5 Once you done with one side rolled hair, then the next step is to rolled another side hair.

Step No.6 You need to use hair spray at the end for keeping this rolled hair updo at its place.

Step No.7 Finally, you are done with this short hair updo. If any strand is leaving its place then it’s time to have a final look and set things at right place.

This short hair tutorial would only take 15 minutes but you would be able to get a startling hair look. Girls who have got bob haircut would like to give a try to this hairstyle that only requires a headband