Natural Pink Eye Makeup for Green Eyes


Natural pink eye makeup for green eyes always looks stunning and beautiful. Pink is a shade that suits to almost every eye color. But it make your green eyes pop. If you need a makeup tutorial for guidance then I have one for you. Check this tutorial and make yourself really attractive.

Things You’ll Require

  • Eye Makeup Brush
  • Eyeshadow kit
  • Black Eyeliner
  • Black Eye mascara
  • Purple eye pencil

Natural Pink Eye Makeup for Green Eyes Tutorial

Follow 6 steps and enhance your eye beauty to a great extent.

Step No.1 Apply natural brown eyeshadow that match to your eyelid color with a soft eye brush.

Step No.2 Pick a soft pink eyeshadow color and then apply it on your upper lid. You need to apply it in a way that your crease has darker tone than lid. Blend this shade with Q-tip a bit.

Step No.3 Apply light peach eye shadow on your eye crease. Blend this shade a little.

Step No.4 Take eyeliner and define your upper lash line. You need to create simple flick style eyeliner.

Step No.5 Apply violet eyeshadow close to your lower lash line.

Step No.6 Fill waterline with purple eye pencil. You need to apply black mascara at the end.

So, you are done with natural pink eye makeup for green eyes. It is really simple makeup tutorial that you would love to follow. If you need a casual party style makeup then it seems a great idea for you. What you need more? Give a try to this makeup style now.