Nail art Tutorial: Make Apple on nails


Eat an apple a day keep the doctor away”, we heard this many times. It is healthy to eat healthy but it would be charming to create apple on your nails. Fruity nail art looks great on your nails. You can make almost any fruit on your nail. All you need is a simple nail art tutorial which I’m going to share with you. Let’s check it out.

Make Apple on nails
Make Apple on nails

Things you’ll need

  • Nail art brush
  • Beige transparent nail paint
  • Nail polish: red,white and green,
  • Top coat

Tutorial: How to make apple nail art?

You can create this fruity nail design by following three simple steps.

Step No.1 Apply pink-beige nail polish. Let it dry for a few seconds. Now you need to take a small nail art brush, dipped it into red paint and then to make half apple shape on tip of your nails.

Step No.2 Dip this brush into white paint and make a small line on left side of your apple. The main purpose is to give your apple nail art a realistic touch.

Step No.3 Make small green leaf on top of your apple with the mean of green nail paint. Let it dry for 2 minutes and then you need to apply top coat.

Hurrah! You have made apple on your nails. This nail art tutorial is very simple and easy to understand. You don’t need to follow a lot of steps for getting fruity nails. I’m sure you would like to try this easy nail design at home. Would you?