How to Apply Arabic Style Winged Eyeliner?


Arabic style winged eyeliner is becoming popular with the passage of time. So, every girl who concerned about beauty and style should know how to follow this style without any professional help. I’m here to unlock simple eyeliner tutorial for you. This tutorial is simple to follow and draw out beauty of your eyes to a great extent.

Things You’ll need

  • Eyeliner brush
  • Black Eyeliner Cream
  • Kohl
  • Gray eyeshadow

How to Apply Arabic style Winged Eyeliner?

Here are 6 simple steps which let you enhance your eye beauty.

Step No.1 Take eyeliner brush, get some eyeliner cream. Now draw a line start from outer lash line corner toward close to your eyebrows. You need to keep distance between brows and lashline.

Step No.2 Draw another line starting from winged line toward your eyecrease.

Step No.3 Now define your crease line with eyeliner. You need to draw a small line close to your winged line.

Step No.4 Startling from another winged line, you need to define your lower lashline. Keep one inch distance from your natural lower lashline. Also make an out line around your tear duct. This line should connect with your upper lashline. Once you see that every line is perfect, you need to darken every line.

Step No.5 Apply Kohl inside your waterline. Start filling these lines with blackest black eyeliner.

Step No.6 Apply a lighter black or gray shade on your upper lid. This eyeshadow will give perfect touch to your eyes.

Hurrah! Now you have complete idea how to apply Arabic style winged eyeliner. I’m sure you would love to give this eyeliner style a try in upcoming party. Would you try it? Share your comment with us.