Easy Black and White Music Notes Nail Art


Black and white nail designs are getting popular, so today I decided to share a very simple music note nail art tutorial for creative girls. If you have passion for music then you should try this fascinating nail design on music concerts or other special events. Let’s check step-by-step guide of this chic nail design.

Things you’ll require:

  • Nail paint: black and white
  • Nail art brush pen
  • Top coat

Black and White Music Notes Nail art tutorial

You have to follow 6 simple steps for getting startling music note design on your nails.

Step No.1 Apply white nail paint and give it some time to get dried.

Step No. 2 Pick nail art brush pen and dip it into black nail polish. Create three straight lines on tips of your nails.

Step No.3 Now you need to make a dot on right side of your nail right above on first line

Step No.4 Use nail pen and make another dot on right side of your nails, right on second line.

Step No.5 Create straight lines at 90-degree angle from both dots.

Step No.6 Connect both vertical lines with a horizontal line.

Finally ! you have created a nice looking black and white music notes designs. This is very simple nail art tutorial that would make your nail look super amazing. You surely need to seal this design look with a top coat. So, when you are going to try this musical nail design idea at home?