4 Best ways of Wearing Short Hair Styles


Are you searching for amazing short hairstyles? I’m here to share ideas of four different styles that you can try with your short hair. Good thing is that you don’t have to put a lot of effort in creating such styles. Only a few minutes effort would help you get a stunning hair look.

Wearing Short Hair Styles
Wearing Short Hair Styles

1.Braided Pigtails hairstyle

Simple pigtails are good for teen girls but this seems to be not a good idea for adult. Therefore, I suggest you to think about braided pigtail hairstyles. All you need to do is to center part your hair and then make braid starting from middle area of head. Secure both pigtails with an elastic hair bands.

2.Comb over Pinning

All you need to comb your hair properly remove all tangles. Your task is to comb over your middle front hair section and then pin it up. This is all you need to do. Nothing else and you would have a stunning hairstyle to wear. This is one of the easiest casual short hairstyles.

3.Side Swept hair with little ponytail

The beauty of your hair can be enhanced with a small ponytail. First of all, you need to side part your hair and side sweep left hair section. Now gather all your hair into a ponytail and you are done. This is another great hairstyling ideas for girls with short haircut.

4.Girly headband hairstyle

Comb your hair and bring all your front hair bangs on front. Now wear a colorful headband and you are ready to hangout. This is very easy short hairstyle idea. The beauty of hairstyle is depend a lot on straight hair, so it is good to use hair iron for turning curly or wavy hair into straight one.