13 Best Skin Care & Beauty Tips for Sensitive Skin

13 Best Skin Care & Beauty Tips for Sensitive Skin

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13 Best Skin Care & Beauty Tips for Sensitive Skin

The hardest type of skin to take care is sensitive skin. Sensitive skincare tips and treatments require very much awareness, as a little exposure to sunlight or even a small environmental or climatic change can bring drastic effects on your sensitive skin in the form of blemishes and rashes with redness, inflammation, stingy and burning sensations.

13 Natural Beauty Tips about “How to Treat Sensitive Skin”:

Treat your sensitive skin naturally as Pro Ladies Tips brings the best skincare routine and effective natural beauty tips for sensitive skin.

  1. Choose Emollients Or Gentle Beauty Products:
  • Always prefer to use gentle and mild toners, cleansers and moisturizers. Also consider o choose fragrance-free products.
  • 2nd option is to go for herbal and organic beauty products that are made up of all natural ingredients.
  • Choose those products that are specifically meant for sensitive skin only.
  1. Proper Skin Hygiene:
  • All the times, keep the hygienic status of your skin “totally cleaned up” as dirt and dust can affect sensitive skin a lot.
  1. Sensitive Skin Friendly Products:
  • Look for those beauty products and recipes that contain Chamomile, Bisabolol, Azulene, Allantoin, Lavender, Calamine, Camphor, Rosemary, Aloe-Vera etc.
  1. Spot Test Before Using Beauty Products:
  • Without performing a spot-test, do not use any skincare or beauty product on your sensitive skin.
  • Always use a very little of the product before starting to use it properly.
  1. Sensitive Skin Enemy Products:
  • Products like Alcohol, Retinoid or Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, Antibacterial or Deodorant ingredients etc are enemies of sensitive skin, so avoid to use them.
  1. Best Moisturizer For Sensitive Skin:
  • Non-alcoholic and odorless moisturizers are best for sensitive skin.
  • People with sensitive skin should use a different moisturizer specifically for their face, body and hands.
  • Sensitive skin should be kept moisturized specially those parts that are always exposed to sunlight and environment.
  1. Sun Damage Protection:
  • Sensitive skin should always be protected from sun damage by applying a sunscreen of SPF 15 or more.
  • Also, they can wear hats; take umbrella for enhanced protection from UV sun rays.
  1. Medium Temp Water Bath:
  • Avoid taking shower with too much cold or hot water as it can also affect sensitive skin.
  • Be carefully to take bath and use a room temp water shower.
  1. Plentiful Water:
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages.
  • Instead, start drinking water up to 8-10 glasses per day.
  1. Remove Makeup Before Bedtime:
  • Before going to bed, always remove makeup and dirt particles from your skin as these can cause skin irritation.
  1. Best Makeup For Sensitive Skin:
  • Try to use as less makeup as possible.
  • Always go for mineral based makeup products as these can protect sensitive skin from harmful chemicals and allergens.
  1. Natural Best Scrub For Sensitive Skin:
  • The best natural exfoliants for sensitive skin include Sea Salt, Papaya, Ground Coffee, Lemon Juice, Sugar, Oatmeal, Yogurt and Honey.
  • These natural products as sensitive skin exfoliators are even prescribed by dermatologists and beauty experts.
  • To make sensitive skin exfoliant at home, some mashed strawberries are mixed with natural yogurt. Also add organic and fine oatmeal to make thick paste.
  1. Homemade Face Pack For Sensitive Skin:
  • Mix oatmeal and grapefruit to make sensitive skin homemade exfoliant.
  • The best essential oils for sensitive skin include Chamomile Oil, Sandalwood oil, and Lavender Oil.
  • Make natural face mask for sensitive skin at home by mixing 1 tablespoon of rosewater and honey, each.
  • Apply it on face for 15minutes and then wash with lukewarm water.

Make your sensitive skin smoother and shiny with younger and healthier texture by following best skincare and natural tips for sensitive skin treatment and protection at home. Also check our Makeup Guide for Every Occasion & Party

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